Monday, March 22, 2010

Lost 6.8 "Recon" - Reflections on Reflections

Hey guys, getting excited about the upcoming episode focused on our favorite proponent of the purple-shirt, Richad Alpert? We are at our house. A couple nights ago, my wife and I rewatched the last episode, and I noticed a couple of things that I thought would be worth posting in the meantime:

MIRROR, MIRROR: One thing I noticed is that every flash sideways so far has featured its main character looking at their own reflection in some way or another. Cool, huh? This week it was less subtle (which is what made me notice it) as Sawyer symbolically punches his own refection in anger after Miles confronts him about lying. But it wasn't until I rewatched the Sayid episode "Sundown" that I noticed it happens in all of the flash-sideways. Sayid is waiting for Nadia to answer the door, and as he's waiting the camera noticeably pans over to reveal he's staring at his own refection in the glass door. In both the season opener and Jack's centric episode, Jack looks at himself in the mirror to check various scars. Kate looks in the mirror after changing at the mechanic's garage. Ben looks at his refection in the microwave as he heats up his dad's food. I haven't rewatched the Locke episode, but I'm betting it happens there somewhere as well. I think it's a pretty nice touch from the writers. Mirror imagery fits in nicely with the whole "alternate reality" angle this season has taken, and in fact, for a while now we've been getting "through the looking glass" references, so maybe those will make more sense as the season progresses.

CLAIRE HAS ANOTHER BUDDY: Here's another thing I noticed on the "Recon" rewatch. Take a look at the left hand side of the above image. Looks like Claire made herself another friend besides her creepy squirrel baby, a little tennis ball funnel coil guy. I would like to see a Mystery Science Theater type show where instead of the Satellite of Love it's Claire's Stick Shack, with her puppet buddies Squirrel Baby and Tennis Ball Eyes. Actually, that show would be horrifying.

PIERRE CHANG WORKS AT THE MUSEUM: Also worth noting: In the flash-sideways, Miles tells Sawyer that the girl he's setting him up with on a blind date (Charlotte) works with his dad at the museum. I didn't think about it the first time I heard it, but I guess that means Charlotte and Pierre Chang work together at a museum in LA somewhere as scientists. I wonder if Pierre has several different Museum badges for all his other aliases? Also, let me take this time to point out yet again that Sawyer and Charlotte made a HORRIBLE couple.

Can't wait for tomorrow's episode, which is entitled, "Ab Aeterno". Apparently that's a figurative expression in Latin for "since the beginning of time." Or another translaton, "Always wearing that purple shirt."


Big Loud said...

You're correct. Just skipped through the Locke episode and he looks at himself in an accordion makeup mirror just before contemplating calling Jack and then Turanga Leela rips up the business card.

David said...

I'm not sure about other Christian groups, but purple is a very Catholic color. Especially around Easter.