Thursday, April 16, 2009

Could Bram and Ilana work for...

Thinking a little more about who Bram and Ilana work for today (notice the new poll)...

One theory I heard on The Transmission podcast is that they might work for the newly reformed Dharma Initiative. Seems plausible. Last year's Comic Con featured a live Dharma booth where you could try out to join the ranks of Dharma, who were starting up again under the moniker "Octagon Global Recruiting". So we know the writers have hinted towards Dharma coming back into the picture. It would also explain Bram's hippy-like speech to Miles. Check out the Octagon TV ad from last year here.

But, another theory out there is that Bram and Ilana are part of a third faction of the Others. Taking this another step further, who is that third faction? Could it be led by Ellie? Or, as we know her later... Eloise Hawking?

I think this is a great theory, and here's why: We know that two episodes ago an Other said to Richard, "What about Charles and Ellie?" Which implied they were both leaders. But were the Others split at that point? Maybe Widmore was a little more aggressive and ruthless in his leadership and Ellie a little more spiritual? And they split the Others into two groups. Maybe Ellie was even banned from the island by Ben, like Widmore. But then, off the island, she discovered Dharma's Lamp post station. It would explain how Ilana and Bram would know what flight to get on, and that they needed to bring Sayid. When Ben failed to bring back all of the Oceanic Six in time Ms. Hawking said, "This will have to do." But was that because she was just going to finish the job herself? Sending a Claire lookalike to grab Aaron at the grocery store? And sending Ilana off to trap Sayid? I think this is very likely.

So if that is the case, and there is a war coming (as Widmore told Locke), then it could turn about to be a war with several sides involved. Maybe it will be Ben vs. Widmore vs. New Dharma vs. Ellie's group vs. Locke/Richard/Jacob? With the Losties trapped in the middle? Interesting.

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Starr said...

Dang!! I'm so bummed about Faraday, but I saw it coming too.
I'm really excited about The Incident finally happening.
I'm kind of wondering if or how Desmond will be coming back to the island. He still seems like a missing link this season.