Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, I'm sure you guys don't go back and read my old posts to see if there are new comments like I do. But doing so, I just saw that there was a new comment on this post about Rose and Bernard, and was surprised to discover that Lost Mindgrapes just got its very first shout out on another site. At least, the first site that isn't someone I know. The site? Of course.

It's a humorous article and features a you tube clip on backgammon in Lost. Check it out here. My only complaint is the opening line: "Sometimes the comments are far better than the post." But,I will concede, because in this case the statement is accurate.


Angela said...

Ha ha! That's awesome, Wes!

Zach said...

We did it, WES!

BG fed. said...

Gee thanks. Honored to be your first shout out and apologize for the opening line, I found the quoted dialogues on your comments just brilliant and that happened to be my tactless way to point it out :-)