Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mid-Season Lost Predictions

Well folks, last episode was number 9 out of 18 (if you count both hours of the finale as two separate episodes), so we're right in the middle of the last season of Lost. What better time for me to make some random predictions about what we'll see before the end of the entire show. Here goes, listed in no order. Also, I make no guarantees, and am probably wrong about the majority of these.


1. WIDMORE IS A VERY BAD MAN: Widmore is not working for Smokey or Jacob, but wants to harness the power of Smokey as a weapon, or harness the powers of the island for profit.

2. JACK AND JACOB ARE RELATED: Jack Shepherd will be from the line of Jacob. Jacob's last name is possibly Shepherd. Or, Jacob is Aaron and Jack is his uncle. Either way, in some form, Jack and Jacob are related.

3. THE MAN IN BLACK'S NAME IS... actually, I think it's possible we will never learn the Man in Black's name. Because he's just all the evil in the world. "Please to meet you, hope you guess my name" and all that.

4. THE VERY LAST SHOT: I think the very last shot of the show will change everything. Duh, I know, but I just mean get ready for a game-changing ending. Somehow the curtain will be pulled back and reveal everything we've been seeing happen is actually happening inside... something. This isn't much of a prediction, but I definitely think the last few seconds of Lost will blow our minds, and I don't think the last shot will explain everything, but rather raise more questions and possibilities. Here's another Lost trivia bit that I find very fascinating: Matthew Fox is the only actor who claims to know what the last shot of Lost is. Why would the show runners need to tell him that? There's got to be a reason, and I feel like if you could figure that out, you could figure out the ending to the show. Did he need to know in order to prepare physically? Did he need to lose a lot of weight to play the part? Or, did he need to know to guide some of his acting decisions back in Season 5 and 6? Interesting.

5. BEN WILL KILL WIDMORE: I'm pretty sure Ben will kill Widmore. Revenge for Alex. My guess is that he'll have the option to let him live, and won't take it.

6. THE WHISPERS ARE RELATED TO THE FLASH-SIDEWAYS: I think we'll learn that the whispers are our main characters "other selves" trying to communicate and guide decisions made on the island.

7. THE VOLCANO WILL COME INTO PLAY: Remember when we first saw the Dharma Initiative in action in the 70s in Ben's first flashback episode? The teacher of the class was teaching about volcanos. Ever since then there's been a popular theory that there's a volcano somewhere on the island. I think it will come into play in Man in Black's plans to get off the island.

8. DESMOND KNOWS JACOB: Remember when Desmond told his ex-girlfriend Ruth why he joined a monastery right before their wedding? (In the episode Catch-22.) He told her that one night he was drunk and woke up on the street and a man "with a rope around his waist" offered him his hand and said "can I help you, brother?" I think this man was not a monk, as we were led to believe by the episode, but Jacob. And I think that this is the moment that Jacob "touched" Desmond. I also think that scene is very interesting, because Ruth says rudely to Desmond after hearing that story, "It's a good thing you weren't found by a shepherd or you'd be off with the sheep". I think he was found by a Shepherd. Jacob Shepherd.

9. ILANA'S STORY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU THINK: I'm kind of hoping now for an Ilana flashback, mostly because she seems to know a LOT about what's happening on the island and who Jacob is. I don't think we'll get one, but I think her story is very important to getting some backstory that we need. Especially because she knows that the man in black is trapped inside Locke's body. How could she know that, unless Jacob has confided in her with a little more of what's going on? Which leads me to my last prediciton:

10. JACOB WANTED SMOKEY TO TAKE LOCKE'S BODY: Jacob is one step ahead of the Man in Black. He knows that Locke is stronger than Smokey thinks, and the fact that Smokey has put himself into Locke's body in order to escape has also made him more vulnerable. Now he can be killed. And, I think the person that's going to kill Smokey, and thereby save the entire world, is Locke himself. I think Locke's spirit will start making a resurgence inside Smokey and thwart him at the last moment, causing his downfall.

And one bonus crackpot prediction:

11. THE FLASHBACKS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM: I think we'll learn all of the flash-backs from the first three seasons (and possibly the flash-forwards, and flash-sideways) are not what they seem. I think the folks have been on the island LONGER than they think. And maybe haven't been off of it. Ever. The flashbacks are something the island is doing to them, trying to get them to become better people by putting them in various scenarios. But that's just conjecture. I have no proof. I just think it would be pretty mind-blowing if we learned that somehow. That said, I don't think the island is a psychological experiment of some kind. That would suck. I think the island is more spiritual in nature.

And last but not least, not really a prediction, but one thing I'd like to see:

12. A SCENE OF THE ISLAND IN ANCIENT TIMES: So far, the earliest we've ever seen the island is when the Losties jumped back in time to see the statue for a second near the site of the Orchard. That's the farthest back we've ever seen. I'd love to be able to see who built the statue and why, but I'm not sure if we will.

That's it for now. I bet at least one of these will be proved untrue in a few hours when we witness the next episode, which is called "The Package". The only prediction I have for that episode is that "The Package" refers both to what Jin is delivering in LA to Keamy and also to whatever it is that Widmore has locked inside the sub. My guess is still Desmond. I also heard a cool theory that whatever is in the sub is a device that will be used to trap Smokey. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Got any predictions of your own? Or thoughts on these predictions?


Zach said...

All great predictions. Does Jacob have a rope around his waist? I don't think he does - but the Man in Black certainly does. You know I certainly support Jacob Shepard idea. Makes total "sense."

Tonight's episode should be interesting. I'm starting to lean more toward Jin being the Kwon in question for candidacy. They will focus on him tonight when they flash sideways to Jin V. Keamy - Paik henchman V. Widmore henchman.

But maybe "The Package" refers to Sawyer in a Speedo. An episode for the ladies.

Andrea said...

OK these are amazing! I started getting really super stoked starting with #6 and beyond. I hope they are all correct! I felt frustrated after alst week because it just can't be good vs evil. It has to be more complicated than that... and I DO hope they give us some detailed answers about specific questions from last season. IN detail. :-)

Wes W. said...

You're right, Zach, I checked pics online and he doesn't seem to be wearing a rope. But I still DON'T think the man in black called Desmond to be a monk. I think it was Jacob.

I know this is stretching it, but I actually think that Jacob appearing in his island garb would be weird in the real world, anyway. So, I'm going to say it was Jacob, but he was wearing a monk robe and pretending to be a monk. After all, he wanted Desmond to go live in the monastery so it makes sense that he would dress in Monk's robe and try to recruit him that way. WHY did he want him to work there? So he would meet Penny, and so he could be under the watchful eye of his assistant, Brother Campbell, the monk who had a picture of Ms. Hawking on his desk.

That's my theory anyway.

Wes W. said...

Andrea, a couple more old questions I would love to get more info on:

Why were there Dharma drops happening so long after Dharma's folks were killed on the island?

And, are Apollo Bars important?

Probably not, but who knows.

Zach said...

Ms. Andrea - you got me thinkin'.

Some other answers I'd like to know. You think we might get 'em this year? I doubt in-detail.

Why are kids important to the island? Especially Walt. What was all of that about? They seemed so important. And the infertility stuff? Can life not come from non-life on the Island because everyone is dead? I certainly hope not.

Wes - I think you are right about the series ending cliffhanger. They will leave us with a mindcrack...so we can finish it in the soon-to-follow graphic novel, of course.

I'll shut up until tomorrow.

Shannon said...

these are great... are you getting paid for this blog- you totally should be it is much better than some of the bigger name ones!

anyway - i really agree with #11- i have thought time was a major defining point of the island for awhile now and i am thinking this will come into play in the end. i don't think they have been on or off or back on as long as they think.

Andrea said...

AND, Why did Widmore leave the Island? AND who is Penny's mother? And what is Eloise Hawking's reason for being on the island?

Wes W. said...

Wow, didn't take long for one of my predictions to be proven UNTRUE. Working on the post for tonight's episode now, stay tuned.

Jaytaco said...

Didn't MIB have a rope around his waist in an episode?
Nice theories. Me gusta.