Saturday, May 22, 2010

One more theory: David is the Man in Black

Ok, there's only one day left before the end of Lost, but I have a quick theory for you that's probably not true, but kind of cool to think about.

What if David, Jack's son in the flash-sideways, is actually the Man in Black, reborn? I'm not saying David's evil, but hear me out. What if next episode, on the island, Jack finds a way to kill the Man in Black just as Smokey's destroying the island. But as he does so, Smokey is reborn as a child. We know from Allison Janey's lines in "Across the Sea" that the island's source is all about life, death and rebirth, so maybe this final battle takes place close to the source. Jack takes the child and then wakes up in the flash-sideways time line with an erased memory, and raises him as his own, good child. And maybe his mother turns out to be... Claudia, MiB's real mom. Crazy theory, but it would explain why in the flash-sideways Jack suddenly has a child AND why the writers went through the trouble to introduce Young Jacob appearing on the island this season after Jacob's death. And why the writers have kept the mom's identity a secret for so long.

But his mom will just probably end up to be Juliet.

One other quick observation about the "concert" everyone's headed to in the flash-sideways timeline. It is very possible that it's Ms. Hawking's concert that she was planning a few episodes back. Which means Charlie, Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. Hawking and Widmore will all be there. And we know Penny was on the guest list. Jack's going with David, and David's mother is going to be there. They will probably bring Claire with them since she's staying with them. Desmond and Kate are headed that way in the Camero. Miles told Sawyer he was going and that Charlotte would be there. I'm guessing Miles' dad Mr. Chang will be there as well. Sawyer said he wasn't going, but once he learns Kate escaped, he might track her there. Hurley and Sayid left in Hurley's Hummer, and my best guess is that they're headed to the hospital to pick up Sun and Jin. So the only people left to be there are Locke and Ben. Interesting. Keep checking the site because I plan to have more posts before the finale. Exciting!


Anonymous said...

you have entirely too much time on your hands!

Anonymous said...

You have entirely too much time on your hands!

Anonymous said...

i like this theory. im in!