Sunday, May 23, 2010

Top Ten Worst Ways Lost Could End...

Hey guys, I'm watching the pre-show right now. Very fun. As promised, here's my complete list of the ten worst possible endings that could happen, followed by a vague last minute prediction. No spoilers here! Read on:

Here's the ten worst things that could happen in the last moments of Lost:

10. Space hibernation pods. (see post below)

9. A sentient race of polar bears that live under the island.

8. Jack, Sawyer and Kate are asked by a mystical angel to stand in the three points of the magical "love triangle" to keep the island safe.

7. Jack's son David turns out to be the Man in Black, and unveils his evil costume and a huge bomb at the piano recital.

6. Right at the last moment, a Dharma drop lands on top of the Man in Black, killing him, but is still never explained.

5. The last scene ties the show into Flash Forward.

4. The Losties find a second hatch under the island, and the last shot is them peering down into the new hatch. Cut to black.

3. A nursery full of familiar looking babies, and the Losties start life over again.

2. A giant dance party breaks out at the piano recital, featuring the entire cast.

1. However the Matrix trilogy ended.

Last minute prediction:

Maybe we learn the island is the source of all the myths in the world: The fountain of youth (the cave), the lost city of Gold (the temple), Adam and Eve (man in black and fake mom), Atlantis (the sunken island in the flash-sideways), the bermuda triangle (Ameila Earhart is there), The Garden of Eden, etc.

Wow. Just saw the KVUE news promo that features the Lost logo and says Namaste. Shocking.


Angela said...

So, uhhh....looks like #2 wasn't too far off???

Damn. Disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Purgatory? everyones first guess was right?

Big Loud said...

@Jaytaco No crap. LAME.

Jack Pendarvis said...
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Wes W. said...

11. Stained glass window featuring symbols of all world religions.