Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few LOST thoughts before tonight's episode

Hey guys, here's a few random theories I've heard since my last post, and I wanted to get them up here before tonight's episode...

NOT JACOB'S CAVE? Several people have suggested to me that the cave Smokey showed Sawyer was not really Jacob's cave, and I'm starting to come around to that. I can see Smokey lying to Sawyer in order to get his allegiance. The isolation of the cave itself also makes it seem more like an outcast's cave, like Smokey would be. Especially compared to Jacob's posh accommodations in the four-toed statue (a place I've heard referred to on podcasts as "Club Foot". Ha.) It also seems more like Smokey to scrawl in creepy handwriting all over the ceiling of the cave. Perhaps he's scratching people's names off the list as he kills them? And in that line of thinking, the name Burke (Juliet's last name) was also scratched out on the wall. And Jacob died before Juliet did, so he couldn't have scratched her name out. Also, the cave seems to go deep underground, and we know that that Smokey has been summoned through the ground by pulling a plug out of the puddle toilet under the Dharma barracks. Maybe this cave is Smokey's attempt to keep up with all the people Jacob is bringing to the island. Even the scales at the entrance could suggest the Smoke Monster, since we know people go to the smoke monster in order to be judged. Stuff to think about.

IS LOCKE STILL IN THERE? One theory I've heard that I really think makes a lot of sense: there's still some of Locke's spirit inside of Smokey, and he will start coming through more and more, eventually saving the day. We heard Smokey yell out Locke's catch phrase last episode ("Don't tell me what I can't do!"), is he going to start to take on more of Locke's characteristics? And if so, will we begin to see an internal struggle for Smokey as Locke starts thwarting his plans from the inside? It would be a great way to redeem Locke's story (especially now that he's dead and buried) and it would also seem like a good way to bring peace to the island. If the island constantly has a struggle between light and dark, but now a candidate for Jacob is in the same body as the Man in Black, maybe they will cancel each other out, or Locke will regain control completely and bring safety to the island as the first smoke monster/island guardian combo?

FLASH-SIDEWAYS TALK: There's definitely something suspicious about these flash-sideways. A couple options: This is what will happen after the end of the events in Season 6 on the island. We're basically seeing the happy ending for all our Losties now, and the timelines will somehow link up toward the finale of the season. OR, what if the flash-sideways are what happened the FIRST time? What if they're flash backs to the first flight 815, and at some point they will be reset and everyone will get on the Flight 815 that we all know about? Who knows. But I don't think they're throwaway stories with no real importance. Something's going on. Also, if you look at the above picture embiggened, you will see a photo pinned in Locke's cube of his dad Anthony Cooper wearing a beret.

Tonight's episode, "Lighthouse," is apparently Jack-focused.

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