Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LA Xtras

Getting mentally prepared for Lost tonight? Here a list of some things I learned or additional thoughts I had since last week's post.

• Desmond was wearing a wedding ring. Is he married to Penny? Or someone else?
• Sun and Jin were NOT wearing wedding rings.
• Sun was referred to as "Ms. Paik" by the customs agent. Her maiden name.
• Jack received only ONE bottle of vodka, not TWO this time. (significant because he used the second bottle as an antiseptic on a crash victim in the original pilot episode. Guess he didn't need it this time.)
• Charlie was probably trying to commit suicide. That's why he swallowed a bunch of heroin and why he said "I was supposed to die".
• Apparently, the producers don't like to call this an "alternate reality". They claim this is because they feel it lessons the importance of this timeline, while they consider it just as valid as the other timeline. As I mentioned before, they prefer the term "flash sideways."

A RANDOM THEORY: Ok, so I have a theory about these "flash sideways". I think perhaps in the flash sideways we're seeing what was ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. This is the real timeline. The one we've been watching for the past five years is the one that diverged from destiny's path when outside forces intervened (through people like Jacob,the Man in Black, Widmore and Ms. Hawking). That's why Ms. Hawking was trying so hard to get her son Daniel back to the island even though she knew she would accidentally kill him, because she was trying to correct their messed up reality and put it back to the way it was supposed to be. And Locke does have a purpose and a destiny, but the man in black corrupted it and took it away from him in the timeline we've been watching, so maybe he'll actually get to fulfill his destiny in this real timeline.

Confusing, I know. And maybe not right. But either way, because time is hard to course correct–because whatever happened, will still happen somehow–I think we'll see that things that happened on the island will still happen in similar ways in this "flash sideways" timeline. For instance, Locke got healed on the island. I think we'll see Jack heal him in this timeline. The US Marshall died on the island. I predict we'll see him die pursuing Kate in the flash sideways. Events will echo each other in these parallel timelines. The things that DON'T happen in similar ways will be highly significant, because they will be things that were purposely manipulated or adjusted in whichever one turns out to be the 'wrong' timeline. For instance, perhaps Hurley doesn't have the curse with the numbers in this timeline because that was all a ruse in order to get him to go to the island.

Eitherway, I suspect something is up with these "flash sideways" and the rug is waiting to be pulled out from underneath us by those clever Lost writers.


SAYID: Sayid is NOT possessed by Jacob. I've been thinking about it and it doesn't make sense. When the man in black possessed Locke, Locke's body was still in the coffin. Sayid's body comes back to life. And seeing a Sayid vs. Locke battle play out doesn't really pay off what the writers have been building toward in the series overall. I think that whatever just happened to Sayid is the same thing that happened to young Ben when Richard took him into the temple as a child. And the same result will come of it. Sayid will "lose his innocence" and never be the same again. If a realitively nice (albeit creepy) kid who makes chicken salad sandwiches for people turns into Benjamin Linus, what does a former torturer and assassin become? I think this is going to be used to explain what happened to Ben as a child. It's also somehow fitting that it happened to Sayid, since he's the one that shot Ben and created that monster in the first place. Also ironic that it was Ben's dad that shot Sayid in the same spot, only to be saved in the same way.

LOCKE AND RICHARD: Locke will take unconscious Richard to the temple and simply ask to be let in, claiming that Richard is hurt and needs the Others' help. The Others will let him in because the Losties will say they know Locke. If this is going to happen my guess is that it will happen at the end of tonight's episode, as the cliff hanger. (Only because I know this episode is focused on Kate, so I'm sure the majority of it will be her and Sawyer/Jack's story.)

That's it for now. More after tonight's episode...


Big Loud said...

Fantastic theories.

Did you read Bad Twin? It's terrible, but I read it when it came out just to see if I could pickup any clues. It never fit in, and I hadn't thought about it again until the premier.

I'm wondering if Jacob and the Smoke Monster are meant to somewhat parallel the "twins", Clifford and Alexander Widmore. And with the Flash-sideways now in place, I'm wondering if perhaps the book took place in this new reality and does actually provide clues.

Wes said...

That's a cool thought. I got the book from the library once and couldn't get through the first chapter, it was so bad. I feel the same way about the video game, it was terrible but the twist ending is very similar to the flash sideways season opener.

regan said...

I hadn't noticed the non-wedding bands on Sun and Jin or the "Mrs. Paik." Thanks!
I can't wait for the episode tonight OR your recap tomorrow!