Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost Episode 6.5: "Lighthouse"

This is going to be another slightly briefer post, as this time I had to pause mid-post to pick my mother-in-law up from the airport on a super-delayed flight. Apparently a millimeter of snow will cause that to happen here in Austin.

I think besides the first episode, this was my favorite episode this season. The flash-sideways was a little sappy, but on island we got lots of crazy new sci-fi elements, more island exploration, and, in Hurley's words, some "old-school" island quests. Also, as my wife noted, it really feels like the show is starting to come to an end with the information we're getting. And that's kinda sad. Anyway, lots of answers and of course a couple of more questions... let's take a look...

JACK'S APPENDIX: So we start in the flash-sideways with Jack in his apartment after his flight, and this time in the mirror he notices a scar from getting his appendix out. Remember in Season 4's episode "Something Nice Back Home" when Juliet operated on Jack in his tent on the beach? It looked like Jack was remembering that, too, for a moment, and even asks his mom about it and she says it happened as a child. He says "I guess I remember that." Which is kind of a weird thing to say if you're not having dual timeline fatigue. Curious.

JACK'S OFFSPRING: Next we meet yet another new character, with yet another biblical name: David. Jack's son. We quickly learn that even as a dad, Jack's got daddy issues. And we have another new mystery: Who is David's mom? Someone we know? Jack's old wife Sarah? His brief smooching affair partner Gabriela (the dying Italian dude's daughter?) Someone else we know? Surely not Bai Ling? It's probably someone we know who was NOT on the alternate Flight 815. Maybe Juliet? Ah, Lost. You promise us answers yet give us more questions. It's fine with me, though, the questions are more fun. Plus I need something for my poll. Anyway, David's a big fan of music (my guess is he was probably listening to the piece he was preparing to perform on his headphones) and oddly, he's reading Alice in Wonderland. Which is a reference to the episode "The White Rabbit", where Jack saw his father on the island for the first time. Of course, the book also features a looking glass, which comes up in the lighthouse scene later. And there's a rabbit statue on David's mom's doorstep.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE TEMPLE: Miles and Hurley entertain themselves the way that the Others do... by playing Tic Tac Toe. I guess the others don't have board games? Or horseshoe technology? Or anything else to do at all? No wonder a bunch of them left to go live in the barracks and host book clubs. The game ends in a another tie (foreshadowing the larger game of Smokey vs. Jacob? I hope not) and Hurley heads toward the kitchen when he sees Jacob, who's doing something with the fountain. Why is the dude that plays Jacob so awesome? He hardly says anything but he's super sanguine and all, "hey. how's it going." Maybe that's why the actor is up for a Saturn award this year for best guest-starring role. Either way, I'm really digging the Hurley/Jacob scenes. They're a lot of fun. Jacob tells Hurley "Someone's coming to the island." I'm assuming this is the "They're coming" people that he was referring to in the Season 5 finale? Who's coming? The number Jacob was going to have Hurley put in the lighthouse was 108, which is the sum of all the hatch numbers added together. Does that mean everyone's alternate timeline selves are coming to the island? That would be weird and a little annoying in a Parent Trap kinda way to have a bunch of doubles on the island. Is it Desmond and Penny that are coming? More of Widmore's people? Anyway, someone's coming and we have no idea who it is.

CLAIRE GETS ALL 'MISERY' ON JUSTIN: Ok, let's talk about all the Claire scenes. They were creepy. Apparently, when everyone left she started out hanging with Christian Shephard (who MUST be on Smokey's side) but then was captured by the Others and 'tested'. She escaped and then Smokey and Christian have convinced her to set up crazy traps, wander around, wear a wig of straw and be a loon. Meanwhile, she built a baby out of creepy pelts and skulls, which was beyond the call of duty, even for a crazy person. Christian was probably even freaked out a little by that. Claire stitches Jin up then puts the axe to Justin for telling the truth, which I think we all saw coming but was still hard to watch.

"I JUST LIED TO A SAMURAI" Hurley tries to follow Jacob's orders without involving Jack, so he starts wandering around a hallway scooby-doo style looking for the secret escape tunnel. This was a really funny scene, and also informative. Apparently the castaways have had tons of power all along, all they had to say was that they were a candidate. This whole candidate thing is fine, but it does feel a little late in the game to be introducing a new rule like that, especially one that's apparently the point of the whole show. If candidates are so sacred, why did Ethan and Goodwin sneak into the Losties ranks and start killing people willy-nilly in Seasons one and two? How could Ethan get away with the whole "I'm going to kill someone everyday until you bring me Claire" if Jacob values candidates so much? I guess Ben told the Others to kill people without having Jacob's blessing, and we've seen that Ethan, even as a child, was pretty willing to get the killing started. Were they just a couple of bad seeds in the bunch? But, beyond that why would the Others fear the Losties once they learned the smoke monster had killed some of them? At that point, wouldn't they realize the Losties were NOT on the side of smokey and were brought there by Jacob and needed protection? And why would Richard go along with Ben's mismanagement for so long if he knew that Ben wasn't even talking to Jacob? I have so many questions about the Others and why they have acted the way they did. Don't even get me started on the fake beards and old timey outfits. Because I thought they were just costumes, but apparently that's how they dress in the temple. It's all so confusing.

CHRISTIAN'S WILL: Really the only interesting thing about the scene where Jack visits his mom is that it sets up that the Shephards now know about Claire Littleton, Jack's half-sister, which I'm sure will come into play in a bigger way in upcoming flash-sideway stories. Also we learned through Jack's mother that they already had the funeral for Christian, without the body. And it's hinted at by Jack's mom that Jack might have been an alcoholic at one time when she congratulates him on not drinking anything. Maybe that's what caused Jack's divorce?

HURLEY AND JACK START THEIR TREK: I love how easy it is to get Jack to go with you on an adventure. You just have to say, "You have what it takes." He would probably respond well to greeting cards or motivational cat posters. With what we learn later, it's obvious he's really going because he wants to see and perhaps confront Jacob, because he's interested to know how Jacob could know intimate details of his life. Could he have guessed it's because he watches people from his magic lighthouse peeper machine? Probably not.

KATE MAKES AN APPEARANCE: And is going to go look for Claire. Could Claire kill Kate? Seems drastic, but I guess anything's possible. Hurley urges Jack to leave Kate behind, and Jack invites her anyway because for some reason all episode long he's being a total jerk to Hurley. She turns Jack down and says "I hope you find what you're looking for" which is the kind of motivational greeting card talk that really gets Jack going.

CAVE SWEET CAVE: Hurley and Jack spot an asthma inhaler and realize they're outside their old cave. Is it me or is the geography of this island totally out the window these days? When it's all over and done with I want a complete, accurate map of the island in a cool Tolkien-like poster illustration so I can nerd out over the island's proportions and see if these treks make any sense geographically or not. Anyway, I loved how they went back in the cave and reminisced about their old skeleton buddies Adam and Eve. (Side note: Would you have slept in a cave with two skeletons in it? I would have totally buried those things.) I'm not sure what to think about the writers going ahead and pointing out what fans have been predicting for years–that the skeletons are really two people we know, who have traveled back in time. Now that they said it out loud, it seems like they won't explain the skeletons that way. Or maybe they're just trying to set it up clearly so everyone gets it? I dunno. I love when Hurley's around because it's like the fans are in the show and able to ask the things that we're all thinking. Jack also reminisces about smashing up his dad's coffin "because he wasn't in it." This made me wonder briefly if Jack's dad faked his death somehow in both timelines, but in season one Jack actually went to the morgue in Australia and identified the body, so who knows. I would really like the Christian Shephard/Smokey connection explained, though.

WHY DID JACK COME BACK: Once again Jack is asked why he came back to the island, this time by Hurley. Seems like his answer changes every time. I guess it's to embarrassing to say "Kate" so he says "because I was broken, and I thought it could fix me." This is a another Christian-esque thought. People come to Jesus when they're broken and have no more faith left in themselves. We know Jack's at that stage because last episode he confessed that he didn't even trust himself, which is an important realization to make before you can really reach out to God for help. This episode's really piling on the spiritual metaphors. Especially in Jacob's last speech to Hurley outside the lighthouse, which we'll get to in a bit...

THE LIGHTHOUSE: This was a pretty cool setting, and a really bizarre turn of events. Hurley tries to set the dial to 108, and we see that the dial is made up, yet again, of names and numbers of people we know. I'm sure later this week as more screengrabs are posted we can go back and see who's listed. One big one to note: Austen, as in Kate Austen, is number 51. Check it out:

Does that have anything to do with Area 51? Probably not, but if it does even I might give up on this show. (Not really. I would totally be up for that). Anyway, she is a possible candidate, or at the very least Jacob's been spying on her with his adjustable lighthouse peepers. Probably they need a better name than that. Lighthouse Looking Glass? Whatever the mirrors are, they're broken now, because Jack's a baby and he couldn't think of any other possible use for the most awesome invention he's ever seen. Maybe he could have gotten on the web through the glass and booked a ticket home? Or did he think maybe the Kwans would have wanted to look at their daughter, to check up on her? He finds one fool proof way to connect to the outside world, and then, Locke-style–he totally smashes it. Good one, Jack. Here's another screengrab with more dial-names on it, for your perusal:

THE RETURN OF JACOB'S FRIENDLY, KNOWING HALF-SMILE: Jacob reappears and makes the above compassionate but slightly over it face and Hurley scolds him for not showing up on time. Yet again we see some parallels between having a relationship with Jacob and having a relationship with God. Hurley is mad because Jacob knows what is going to happen but insists on letting free will be involved for Jack, and doesn't take advantage of his omniscience to make things easier on everyone. And Jacob, like God, is clearly more interested in relationships and what happens to the people involved than in the quest itself. I really liked the whole "some people you can hop in a taxi and tell them what you need them to do, and other people need to stare into the ocean for a while." I do think the reason Jack smashed the glass is because he was embarrassed and angry that Jacob had been watching him and had seen the way his dad mistreated him. Jack feels like his dad is right about him, that he doesn't have what it takes. So when Jacob says the very words that Jack longs to hear, trying to affirm him, to Jack it seems like he is mocking him or looking down on him. Man, this show is really headed for longevity with all the layers they're creating that are open to interpretation. Jacob also confesses here that he wanted Jack and Hurley away from the temple because it was about to get ugly there, Smoke Monster style, which I'm assuming we'll see next episode. I'm concerned because Miles is there. I hope Smokey doesn't get him. Sayid, I'm sure, will be collected since he's already been marked. It's interesting to note that Miles' last name, Straum, was on the cave wall last episode and was scratched out. What does that mean? Is Miles already dead?

THE PIANO AUDITION: Man, these scenes were well written but it was REALLY hard to cut from Jack smashing the lighthouse glass and all the info we were getting on the island to the off island scenes of some kid playing the piano. I like these scenes, and I liked seeing Dogen in this setting, but it's really quite a pace change they're trying to balance in these episodes. It feels like they're starting and ending a show at the same time. If they pull this off all the way through to the end of the series and pay it off in a great way, they've really done an amazing thing. I did like the "Welcome all candidates" sign at the entrance of the auditions.

"THAT'S NOT JOHN, THAT'S MY FRIEND, WHOSE NAME I WILL NOT GIVE YOU AT THIS TIME." The cliffhanger on this one was pretty decent. Jin realizes that Claire has gone completely overboard, so he lies to her (in order to protect Kate?) and tells her the Others have Aaron. Just as Jin finishes his lie, in walks Locke. Claire says, "That's not John, that's my friend. You know, the one I conveniently don't name." It's important to note that Jin doesn't know that Locke is evil. Like Sawyer, he's probably heard from his buddies that came back on the Anjira flight that Locke is dead. I hope they doesn't go the route of having Jin on Smokey's side and Sun on Jacob's side, but for some reason I don't really see that happening.

Sorry all that was a little more rambling than usual. What did I miss? Did you guys notice anything else?

Next week's episode is entitled "Sundown". The preview for next week was purposely vague (and unnecessarily snarky) and only showed a few quick flashes of what we'll see next week. Never fear, I watched them in slow motion and will break it down for you: Locke walks away from the temple. Sayid looks up at the camera from inside the temple. Claire comes into the temple courtyard with her hands up. A baseball drops to the ground inside the temple. (Oh no! Dogen's baseball!!!) We pan briefly through the jungle in what looks like another Smokey POV cam. Then Dogen pins Sayid to the ground. My prediction would be a Sayid-focused flash-sideways, but I really have no idea. Guess we'll find out in a week.

Just for the heck of it, here's a picture of Claire's creepy button-skull-fur baby. Looks kinda like Crow T. Robot. Enjoy:


Davis said...

Dude, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, except for the whole lighthouse-smashing part, which everyone I've talked to (Angie) about this agrees was a stupid thing for a guy looking for answers to do. Anyway, I think this sets in concrete the idea that Jacob's Cave was really Smokey's Cave, in that the numbers on the lighthouse compass seem to have an actual purpose, whereas the cave numbers and the placement of the names seem pretty random. My guess is that Smokey's been discovering these names and numbers over time (through dropped Others' lists, maybe?) and trying to keep track without really knowing what the numbers are about.

And, yes, Claire is doing a remarkably good job at being creepy. I wanted Jin to give her a Hollywood-style wake-up-slap-to-the-face and say, "You wandered off into the woods! Did you not want SOMEONE to look after Aaron? Why not Kate, at that point?" Another thought I had was, now that Sawyer's with Locke, is he about to walk into the tent behind him and blow Jin's story? "Hey there, Lord of the Flies, Kate's looking for you to help get you home. She raised Aaron as her own for 3 years, then gave him to your mom to look after." That probably wouldn't work out too well for Jin, as it would confirm he was lying when he said he had lied.

Finally, I noticed on your screenshot that Number 108 was Wallace, and that the name is crossed out. Do we know a Wallace?

Zach said...
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Zach said...

Davis is right. Who is Wallace? We went frame by frame so we could read each name. Was cool to see Rousseau's name on there, as well. Also, Claire' voodoo baby is one of the more disturbing moments in LOST - especially paired with repeated shots of Jin's bear-trapped cankles.

Since the name SHEPARD showed Jack's house as a kid, does that mean the name is referring to Christian and not Jack? Reason is - the reflection showed the beautiful building where Sun and Jin were married AND where Jacob met/touched them (assuming when the dial passed by the name KWON). Also, the reflection showed the church where Jacob met Sawyer at his father's funeral (assuming when the dial passed by the name FORD). We know Jacob touched Jack at the hospital and not his childhood home - so maybe that bookmark is reserved for the elder Shepard. Does this mean Christian isn't dead?

And more on the names - Jack's new son is named David, and King David was in the line of Jacob, which supports one of my long running theories that Jacob-Christian-Jack-Aaron are somehow related.

Indeed a great episode and I can't get enough Hurly and Jacob chats. And I can't wait until Claire kills Kate.

Big Loud said...

Regarding Kate being #51, I thought I should point this out:
4 + 8 + 16 + 23 = 51

4 Locke, 8 Hurley, 15 Saywer, 16 Sayid, 23 Jack, 42 Sun or Jin

Big Loud said...

Or, as Zach pointed out 23 = Christian.

Jonathan Vitale said...

Sarah could be the mother but that would be a huge departure from the original timeline, since Jack met Sarah in 1997. That would make David only 7 years old.

Angela said...

Ha! Crow T. Robot. Good one.

Excellent episode. This was the first episode that I didn't want to strangle Kate. Maybe because she was only in it for 5 seconds, or maybe because she finally decided to leave Jack AND Sawyer the HELL alone. Maybe our little tree climbing fugitive is growing up.

Jacob is now my new favorite character. We don't see enough of him and his elusive self. I want at least one more episode all about him.

Andrea said...

"Why is the dude that plays Jacob so awesome?"

This sums up my feelings exactly! Pure awesome.

That said, I agree with the 23-Christian thing! I noticed the Chapel when it went over sawyer's name so it makes sense that the house could have referred to Christian. I also thought it was huge that Claire mentioned her dad AND her friend, and that they were actually 2 different beings.

Boo on the crappy teaser for next week. They don't have to entice us anymore. WE ARE IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL.

Anonymous said...

Best episode yet. I also think we are nit watching a flash sideways. The alt reality is the ending, and a flash forward of all resolutions brought together post battle. Freewill, redemption, blah blah blah. I have mote on this. But I'm listening to Germans on a conference call.

Wes W. said...

I have no idea who Wallace is. I searched on Lostpedia, but it just leads to a page with a picture of the lighthouse dial on it. Could it be Jacob's last name?

Wallace's name was right next to "Friendly" as in Mr. Friendly, aka Tom. I miss Mr. Friendly.

Another interesting tidbit, Wallace's number, 108, is also the number of this episode, it's the one hundred and eighth episode of the show.

Also the address of David's mom's house was 233, which has "23" in it, Jack's number. Interesting to note the room where the Others brainwash you with the statement "God loves you as he loved Jacob" is called Room 23. (Is brainwashing Jacob's will? or just Ben's?) I think this lends some credence to the theory Zach mentions that Jacob is in the Shephard family line. Why would the room be named after Shephard's number?

I like the math that Big Loud used to derive Kate's 51. Very interesting. I think it's also worth noting that the number for "Kwon" could refer to Ji Yeon, Sun and Jin's child. That would explain why Jacob touched both of them. If he hadn't done that and brought them to the island, Jin's infertility wouldn't have been healed and Ji Yeon would not exist.

Carrie Lilly said...

Really interesting theory on Christian and the flash to the house in the lighthouse. I like it!

This episode was a bit overwhelming to me. The lighthouse and the Jacob scenes were really cool, but I am now thoroughly confused by the fact that Jack has a 13-year-old son.

I am also so creeped-out by Claire. Before, she was a helpless person who screamed "my baby!" all the time. Now she's running around the island with a crazy look in her eye, setting traps, and killing people with her axe.

My Dad has a theory about Claire and Sayid. He thinks that some people who die on the island come back as someone else (or rather, someone else comes back in their body) - just like Smokey and Locke. I know Claire's death hasn't been confirmed, but I think it's a valid theory. Obviously Claire isn't herself, and Sayid's been acting a bit funny, too. Plus, why would Dogen want Sayid dead? Maybe it's not Sayid, but someone else that the others want to kill. Just a thought...

Carrie Lilly said...

One more thing...

I was just thinking about the awesome Christian Shephard - number 23 theory. This may be a stretch, but is it possible that Shephard refers to David? Perhaps Jacob hasn't visited him yet, but he will in a flash-sideways at his grandmother's house. Maybe he's the important person who is coming to the island.

Wes W. said...

I like the David thought, Carrie. I would buy "they're coming" representing ALL of the Losties' children. Since time operates differently OFF the island, maybe we'll meet full grown versions of Ji Yeong, Aaron, David, and Walt coming in on a... hang glider? blimp?

Anonymous said...
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請不要走 said...
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Shannon said...

hey wes! just catching up on reading all those posts! love love love your blog. if advertising doesn't work out - this could be your day job. come to nc so the 4 of us can talk it out face to face!

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