Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Daniel's Plan - Pros and Cons...

So before Daniel got mom-sniped, he relayed to Jack & Kate his plan to detonate the hydrogen bomb, destroying the island before the hatch experiences the "Incident". The theory being that then Flight 815 would never have crashed landed there, and the plane would have landed in LA as planned. But would this be a good thing for everybody? Let's look and see who would benefit and who wouldn't...

DANIEL: Well, this plan would save Charlotte's life. So Daniel would like that. But, he would also never have met her because as far as we know he met her while working for Widmore. And, he would remain mentally unstable because the island is the thing that cured him. Although, I'm assuming he meant to save his mom before detonating the island, so would that mean she would have never given him the notebook and got him interested in time travel? So would he just have been a piano prodigy and married Theresa? END RESULT: BETTER OFF

JACK: Jack would have buried his dad, and gone on with his life. But really he would just have started popping pills for some reason, maybe because he stubbed his toe or saw a really sad movie or something lame like that. END RESULT: BETTER OFF OR THE SAME

KATE: Kate would have gone to jail. And never have been Aaron's mom for three years. So I'm sure she's not into the plan. END RESULT: WORSE OFF

SUN & JIN: Well, they wouldn't have had a kid together if the island hadn't cured Jin's impotency. And, they wouldn't have redeemed their marriage if Sun had gone through with her plan to dump Jin after arriving in LA. So they have a happy marriage and a kid with the crash, and nothing without it. END RESULT: WORSE OFF

JULIET: Here's where Daniel's plan gets a little foggy to me. Is he planning to blow up the hatch and prevent the built up energy problem from occurring? Or destroy the whole island? Let's assume he's just trying to get rid of the Hatch. So, Juliet would be worse off because she would still be a prisoner of the Others. Plus, she wouldn't have gotten her three precious years with Sawyer LaRose. END RESULT: WORSE OFF

SAWYER: Would have never gotten revenge on Anthony Cooper. And he would have never met Juliet. Or Kate, his other love. Plus, he might have gotten caught for killing that dude he thought was Anthony Cooper. So I'm gonna say END RESULT: WORSE OFF

BEN: Would be fine without the hatch, I assume. But, if 815 hadn't landed on the island than Jack wouldn't have landed there and Ben would have died from the cancer on his spine. END RESULT: WORSE OFF

MR. EKO: I can't remember why Mr. Eko was on the plane to begin with, but I'm guessing wherever he was headed was better than being beaten to death by a giant smoke hand. END RESULT: BETTER OFF

HURLEY: Hurley would have never heard about the numbers, because I think we're to assume the numbers came from the hatch. So he would have never won the lottery or been cursed by the money. Maybe it would have worked out with that record store clerk he liked. END RESULT: BETTER OFF

CHARLIE: Well, he wouldn't have met Claire and Aaron or invented his "adorable" invisible peanut butter gag. But he also wouldn't die a grisly underwater death. But, if the plane landed as planned, he would still be a cocaine addict. Hmm. At least he went out with dignity on the island. END RESULT: BETTER OFF DEAD

CLAIRE: Would have put her baby up for adoption. And she obviously changed her mind about that when living on the island (up until her weird exit anyway.) END RESULT: UNCLEAR, DEPENDS ON WHETHER SHE'S ACTUALLY DEAD OR NOT.


SAYID: Well, he's had it pretty rough on the island. And, off the island he probably could have found Nadia sooner. And, I'm pretty sure Ben or Widmore had Nadia killed, so I'm going to say if the bomb goes off: END RESULT: BETTER IFF

DESMOND: This one's tricky. Because it looks like if the hatch wasn't there, he still would have crashed on the island. And, the arrival of 815 eventually led to him getting off the island, and reuniting with Penny and having little Charlie. So, I think he'd be against Daniel's plan. END RESULT: WORSE OFF

SHANNON, BOONE, ANA LUCIA, LIBBY, NIKKI, PAULO, CHARLOTTE: Still alive if bomb plan works. END RESULT: BETTER OFF. Except maybe Shannon.

MILES: Never would meet his dad, with whom it looks he's gotten some peace with after seeing him read a polar bear book to baby Miles. END RESULT: WORSE OFF

LOCKE: Still wheelchair bound. Still angry. No purpose in life. Methinks he will not like Daniel's plan too much. Uh-oh. END RESULT: KNIFE IN JACK'S BACK IF HE TRIES TO CARRY OUT THE PLAN

RICHARD ALPERT AND HORACE GOODSPEED: Cool with whatever happens.

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Anonymous said...

I hate the hydrogen bomb. It is too convenient. It also looks like a roadrunner cartonn ACME bomb.
If this show ends somehow with everyone atoning for their sins and then that somehow cancels the whole island thing happening and the plane lands and life goes, claire and charlie get married blah blah blah then grrrrrrrrr.
Thats whats gonna happen.
Stupid bomb.