Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wired Magazine's LOST numbers puzzle SOLVED

Ok, so if you haven't seen last month's issue of Wired Magazine that was guest edited by J.J. Abrams, it's worth checking out. It was an issue all about mystery and it had secret codes hidden in it throughout the issue. Seriously hidden. Like, even some of the design elements were Morse code and Braille, and there was some cleverly hidden semaphore and binary messages, as well. All of the puzzles linked together to provide you with a message that led you to a website for another secret message. If you aren't planning to solve it yourself (which I would not recommend, because I think it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE), check out the insane solution here. It's really an amazing amount of effort put into one issue to make it cool. I can't believe anyone solved it.

But, more interesting to Lost followers, there was also a spread that featured a picture of Hurley's lottery ticket and had a bunch of numbers on it, obviously some kind of code. The solution for that is here. It's pretty amazing, basically one side of the puzzle told you to "Use the Letters Backward from end". For a while, folks had that solution on the web, but no one knew how to use it to translate the rest of the code.

Well, it turns out a clue to the solution was hidden in an episode of Lost. Remember when Widmore came to talk to Daniel in the episode The Variable? There was an issue of Wired magazine from the year 2003 on the chair that the camera showed briefly:

I thought that this was just a shout out to J.J.'s guest-editing gig, but apparently it was also a huge hint. There is an article in that issue on time travel, and if you go to the end of the article and count backward from the end using each number from the puzzle, you get this phrase:

The Four Toed Statue is Taweret.

Wow. Pretty crazy. So, now we have confirmation on which Egyptian God's foot Jacob chooses to reside in. Taweret is the hippo Goddess and is supposed to have something to do with fertility and protecting pregnancies, and may or may not be evil. Read up on her here. I have NO idea what on earth this could have to do with Jacob. Weird stuff.


Angela said...

Wow. Now that's taking Lost Nerd-dom to a whole nutha level.

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