Friday, May 8, 2009

Season Finale Theory / Potential Spoiler?

Ok, driving to work this morning a thought occurred to me and I'm so convinced it's true I think it qualifies as a potential spoiler. So, read ahead with caution. I don't read spoilers on the web as a rule, so don't worry, this doesn't have any information in it besides what anybody could learn from watching the show, but it just sounds right to me. Here goes:


I think that the Jughead bomb is a red herring, plot wise. The writers are making us think that there's a possibility that Jack can detonate the bomb and prevent the future from occuring. But,what if Daniel was wrong and you can't change the past? In fact, what if it's Daniel's very intervention that ALWAYS caused the Incident? Meaning, it's not Dharma's digging that causes the electromagnetic energy to be released. It's Jack, blowing up a bomb on the site of the hatch – that's what always caused the Incident. The writers are just trying to keep us intrigued by making us think there's a possibility the Losties can change the future. But, according to the show's own rules, only Desmond is in a position to do that. I think this season will end with a showdown at the site of the hatch. Richard and the Others will be there, as will Sawyer and Jack and the rest of the '77 Losties. Jack will detonate the bomb and electromagnetic "time energy" will be released, engulfing everyone and everything including the explosion. When the flash subsides, the Losties are gone, and Richard assumes he just watched them all die. The hatch is built as always, by Radzinsky, who lives inside it and pushes the button until he goes crazy and kills himself (as we know from Season 2). The season will end with a close up on Jack's eye after the blast. He wakes up and he doesn't know where he is. He runs towards the beach and we pull back to see he's in Ancient Egyptian times on the island, and there's a ton of crazy Egyptian stuff going on. Cut to Lost. Next season? We'll spend the majority of time in the distant past, learning about the original inhabitants of the island. And probably witness the Losties having a lot to do with the building of the temple and the well, and the statue.

That's my theory. I guess we'll see next week how wrong or right I was.

What do you think?


John said...

I think you're probably dead on (except for the last part, which would be cool, I just don't know if that's where it's headed - I don't know if they can get Jack back from ancient times and wrap up everything else in the remaining season).

It seemed kind of obvious when Dan said that section of the island "mysteriously" had higher levels of electromagnetism, that maybe it was caused by detonating the bomb.

I'm really looking forward to next Wednesday. But not looking forward to the Wednesdays that follow...

Anonymous said...

I buy this theory combined with garden of Eden. Jay.