Friday, May 8, 2009

"Follow the Leader" – A few more things

Here's a few more thoughts about the last episode:

IS ELLIE PREGNANT WITH DANIEL RIGHT NOW? Folks over at DarkUfo are saying she is, based on this still from the episode. I think they're probably right, but this makes Daniel like 30 years old, which seems just a little young. But not unbelievable, I guess.

SAWYER DREW A MAP...FOR RADZINSKY: Jay of Jay and Jack's Lost Podcast (see side links) had an excellent theory that the map Sawyer draws for Radzinsky will be the foundation of the map that he later draws on the blast door of the hatch. Pretty cool.

THE HANDWRITING: Ok, this one really confuses me. So, one day Ellie will write a note to Daniel in his notebook. But when she gets the notebook from his dead body, it already has the note in it, because the older Ellie supposedly wrote it. So when she gives it to Daniel in the Indian restaurant after his graduation, the note is already there. So, when did she write it? Is this a time paradox? I don't think so. I think there two versions of the same notebook... kind of. Here's my explanation: Ellie knows that Daniel will use a notebook to take notes on the Dharma initiative, because she gets it after she shoots him. Sometime after she leaves the island and is raising a young Daniel alone, she sees the exact same notebook in a store – but it's blank. She picks it up, knowing it was meant for her and what she has to do. She writes her inscription in it, plus a few key pieces of information, like the time and date that Daniel will need to go to meet Pierre Chang at the Orchid station. She does this in order to ensure that Daniel will go back to start the chain of events that he started on the island in the 70s. So the notebook that Daniel gets in the restaurant is mostly BLANK. He takes it and begins to do his research on Dharma and fills it with what he learns. He has to keep referring to it because he will later lose his memory in the tests he performs on himself. And the notebook that came from his dead body and is full of his notes is still somewhere in Ms. Hawking's possession. It's the same notebook, just at a later time. So it kind of makes sense. If you followed me through all that, then you know that my irrevocable nerd status has just been fully confirmed.

ONE MORE THING: I started a Twitter account for Lostmindgrapes. You can join it on the box on the right. I'm not sure how I'll use it but probably to post random thoughts about Lost or to point people to this page. I might also try Twittering while I watch the finale, but it depends on whether or not I can figure out how to do that without seeing spoilers from other friends who watch it before me. Also, if there are any blog geniuses out there, I'm wondering if there's an app I can put on the right that just lets people write in random comments whenever they want. I've heard of such a thing but can't find it anywhere.

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