Sunday, March 1, 2009

5.1 "Because You Left"; More thoughts

There's another new episode of Lost tomorrow night. I was wrong in my last post, it's not called "Jarhead", it's called "Jughead". Which is infinitely weirder. My guess is that they discover that they're in the 50s or 60s now, and a Archie & Jughead comic is how they do it? Here are some current questions/theories that I seen surfacing around the Internet that I thought were interesting:

THE BABY: In last week's opening we saw that Marvin Candle had a newborn baby. I was so intent on figuring out who it was (Miles, probably) that I forgot that babies can't be born on the island. Or was he conceived off island? Or did the "Incident" that occurred start the problem with childbirth? Also, if Miles was born on the island, does that explain how he got special mental powers? I think so, and would imply that Aaron will have those special powers, too.

WHO TIME SHIFTS? Ok, so Locke, Juliet, Rose, Bernard, Daniel & Charlotte and the random extras from the plane are now all adrift in time. But, Richard and the Others aren't. Hmm. My first assumption was that anybody from the airplane is now time traveling. But Juliet wasn't on the plane. Cindy the stewardess, however, was on the plane, but she was with Richard and the Others when Locke got separated from them. So maybe Cindy doesn't shift in time because she joined the Others, or was always an Other? Juliet was an Other, but since she left, now she travels in time? That almost makes sense, except Locke was supposed to be the leader of the Others now and it still happened to him. So I'm just confused on that point. Maybe Jacob is choosing who travels in time. What the heck am I even talking about? Most confusing show ever.

SAWYER'S FOOT: Why the whole bit about Sawyer being barefoot and getting an injury? Just a random event, or the precursor to something else? One theory out there is that the toe will become infected and Juliet will have to amputate. Then, the Losties will get shifted way back in island past, where they meet primitive island inhabitants. Sawyer shifts through time in front of them, disappearing, and they think he's a god and build a statue in his honor. Interesting theory, but I will be a little disappointed if that's the case, although I can't think of a more logical explanation.

THE WHISPERS: Are the whispers in the jungle really our Losties traveling through time and trying to change the past and failing? Are they the voices of other time travelers?

THE ISLAND: Is the island moving locations as it jumps through time? It disappeared from site, so that gets confusing. It does seem like it is changing locations as it changes times, because that would explain how the Beechcraft airplane with Eko's brother could end up on the island suddenly.

Henry Gale landing in his Hot Air Balloon, being buried by someone.
Rousseau's friend Montand losing his arm in the dark territory.
Rousseau trapping Ben in a trap
The stranding of the Black Rock ship.
The "Incident".
The island goes somewhere cold and has polar bear visitors.
The building of the hatch.

Why were the Others building a runway back in Season 3? You know, the one Sawyer and Kate were working on.
Who was communicating with Michael through the computer back in Season 2? Was it really Walt?
Why do the Others burn pillars of fire before attacking?
Why was Libby in the mental institution, why did she sell Desmond his boat?
Supply drop? Huh?

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