Sunday, March 1, 2009

Episode 5.3 "Jughead"

Random thoughts on last night's great episode:

TRIP WIRES/THE WAR: So apparently U.S. soldiers are fighting the others. Who sent the U.S. soldiers? How did they find the island? For the record, I think the others are wearing fake military outfits with false names on them to trick the U.S. soldiers, just like they wore homeless person outfits to trick our Losties during season one and two.

ELLIE: We also meet a new Other, Ellie. She says to Daniel "I can't believe you came back" but I don't think she knew him. I think at this point she's thinking Daniel and his friends are U.S. soldiers. And she and her crew had just killed some other U.S. soldiers as Miles' supernatural powers told us, so that's probably why she couldn't believe more of them came back.

OTHERS SPEAK LATIN: According to the Internort, a form of Latin known as "vulgar Latin". If I were traveling with Juliet, I would ask her to please sit down and tell me EVERYTHING SHE KNOWS about the others. But this is LOST, so they'd never do that. Will we learn that they speak Latin because they've been around so long?

LOCKE CAN'T PULL A TRIGGER: But he can sure as heck throw a knife in someone's back without a second thought. So, he doesn't kill future Widmore, because he's "one of his people." When he learned that the Other he saved was also the one who came back to the island with a freighter armed to the teeth to kill everyone, I wonder if Locke regretted it. AND, if he had shot him, would they have disappeared? Because if Widmore hadn't sent the freighter then they all would have had to move the island and start skipping in time.

WIDMORE: Really cool that we get to see Widmore as a young necker-snapper. I'm guessing that he gets banned from the island at some point, probably by Ben. And he knows the island is powerful and wants to take it over. I think the reason he supports Daniel Faraday's studies and experiments in the future is because he remembers him from the atomic bomb stuff, and obviously Ellie could have told Widmore that Daniel claimed to be from the future. So, my thought is that Widmore starts sponsoring Daniel's research when Daniel is young because he knows that one day he is destined to find the island. Also, Widmore and Ellie snapped at each other, which made me think maybe they had a relationship together. Could blond Ellie be blond Penny's mom?

CHARLOTTE'S NOSE BLEEDS: Who were Charlotte's parents? We know she was probably raised or born on the island, and we know she recognized the Dharma logo she found in the desert on the polar bear, so I think her parents were Dharma. And my best guess would be Horace and Oliva Goodspeed. Horace is the one in the dream that Locke saw building Jacob's cabin. And he claimed to be building the cabin for his wife to get away from Dharma. Perhaps because she was pregnant? Horace was killed in the purge, and was interestingly also the body that Ben stopped next to in order to close his eyes, paying him respect. Lost producers have said that Horace and Olivia will play a important role in the future of Lost. Read up on them here. Also, here's a pic of slightly red-haired Horace with his nose bleeding, that I think is the clincher:

DANIEL'S MOM: Is in LA, so obviously it's the chalkboard mathematics lady, Mrs. Hawking. But that means Daniel's mom is an other? My friend Zach thinks that Daniel is Widmore and Hawking's son, and that's why Widmore supports him and why he seemed hesitant to give Desmond her info. Interesting theory, but I think he's hesitant because she's a lead Other.

WIDMORE'S PAINTING: Also weird was that in this episode future old Widmore had a painting on his office wall that said "Namaste" on it, which is Dharma phrase, not an Others phrase. Does Widmore switch over to the Dharma side, because he wants to mine the island for it's scientific treasures as opposed to the others who want to respect it and serve it?

WHO IS THE "CHOSEN ONE": So, we know that Ben had told everyone he was born on the island, and that this was possibly the reason that the Others chose him as their leader. But Ben was lying. Also, we now know that the reason that Richard was going through the past trying to see if Locke was their leader was because Locke told him to. When Richard did confront boy Locke, though, he seemed convinced that he was not the one. Check the Richard Lostpedia page here, it's pretty interesting. I think the real "one" could be Desmond, who is special and stands apart from time. Daniel seems to think Desmond can save them somehow, anyway.

Lots of things seem to be coming together and getting answered on the show, so that's exciting.

THE PREVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE: So I always like the 10 second preview they show of next week's episode, and this one had some interesting shots in it. First, there was a shot of a light shooting up into the night sky, which I can only assume is the light from the hatch that illuminated an angry Locke way back in Season One (arguably the best Lost moment ever). So it looks like our crew will be facing some time travel issues next time: will they be able to see their old selves? Affirming that point was a clip of dialogue from Sawyer: "I saw Kate in the Jungle". Cool. The next episode is entitled "The Little Prince." Could that be referring to young Aaron, who we see meeting with Kate and the evil lawyer in the preview. Or, in a surprise move will it be referring to another atomic bomb, like last episode's 'Jughead'.? We'll just have to wait and see.

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