Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rich Dad, Rich Others

Just a random thought...

We know Widmore was an Other, and then got tricked by Ben and left the island. But, on his arrival to the regular world... how did he become super rich?

And, are all the Others rich? We saw Mr. Friendly living the high life in his NY penthouse apartment. And we know that Miles tried to extort a bunch of money from Ben back in Season 3, so Ben may have some cash as well.

Assuming the Others have learned how to use the island's time traveling abilities, did they somehow make themselves rich that way? With the whole 'go back in time and put a penny in a high interest savings account' plan? Or by just using the stock market with insider time travel info?

And, even more interestingly, did Widmore sell his time travel money making services to all the rich dads on LOST? Like Sun's dad? And Jack's Dad? Maybe in payment for these riches, the evil Dads had to give their kids to the island for some reason, tricking them all to get on Flight 815 using different methods? Not sure if all that makes sense, but I do think there's something important about all the money flying around behind the scenes. And, it at least makes sense for Sun. We know that her dad's Paik Industries is somehow connected to Widmore. And remember, Sun and Jin were on the plane to LA because her father wanted Jin to deliver a watch to someone in LA. Interesting.

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Anonymous said...

And the lottery (which obviously is connected to money) that Hurley "wins" is connected to the island. Maybe someone traveled into the future to know the numbers and they go back in time to set those numbers for the Dharma place.