Friday, March 6, 2009

Jay's Suspicious Screengrabs: The Statue

Ok, so we have another screengrab from Jay, and this one is shocking. Take a look at this still he unearthed online from an upcoming Lost episode:

That's an unexpected second foot on the four-toed statue. What could it mean? Well, apparently Jay's friend went on a Honeymoon in Hawaii, and got a pic of an interesting prop on the set of LOST that could clear things up.

Amazing. Clearly, what we thought was an ankh is most likely a large draft of the gettysburg address.

Thanks, Jay!


Anonymous said...

But the two different statues (the still from the last episode and this one) look absolutely nothing a like. Don't give up on your ankh theory yet!

jaytacoboy said...

they look IDENTICAL

fawbuck said...

Is Lincoln from the future?

Anonymous said...

No they don't look identical. The statue from the back in the La Fluer episode does not look like it matches the Lincoln from this supposed picture from Hawaii. If the makers and writers of Lost have been crafting this elaborate mystery why would they leave out one of their props for people to take pictures of and post on the internet? Unless they WANT you to think it's Lincoln, but then there will be an episode where we find out about the statue and it won't be Lincoln at all.