Sunday, March 1, 2009

Widmore & "The Incident"

Ok, new theory of mine, one that I think makes sense and explains a lot:

Young Widmore gets into an argument with the Others and joins Dharma. Widmore agrees with Dharma's take on the island: He wants to harness its power and mine it for its scientific treasures. The Others are more interested in respecting and protecting the island. So Widmore betrays them and joins Dharma.

In Dharma, he learns about the time travel potential of the island and the frozen wheel that lies under the Orchid. Greedy for power, and against Dharma's wishes he goes to the wheel and turns it, causing "The Incident". Like Ben, he disappears and is banished from the island, never allowed to return. (That would explain why he sends the freighter people to the island, but doesn't go himself. He still wants to mine the treasures of the island, but can't go back in person).

After he turns the wheel, the flashes start up and the Dharma folks start skipping in time. To stop this from happening, they build the original Hatch, which regulates the time flashes by releasing them in small bursts every 108 minutes. When Desmond turns the key and the Hatch implodes, he recieves the brunt of the blast and starts seeing flashes of the future before his eyes.

The reason that Desmond was "saving the world" by pushing the button is that if you don't get the time flashes in check, they will cause some kind of time dissonant reverberating effect that will slowly destroy time and the world as we know it. That is why it is so imperative that it be stopped, and possibly why Ms. Hawking says they have to do it in the next 70 hours.

What do you think?

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