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Episode 5.4 "The Little Prince"

Well, that was a good episode. Let's pick it apart like crazy people. I'm going to try a new format, where we see what questions were answered, and what new questions came up. Then we'll take a peek at what's up next on Lost.

But first let me say: Montand! Montand! We have Montand! He's the one on the left in the picture above, and he currently has two arms. But not for long.


KATE'S IDEA: Well, first off we learn it was Kate's idea to say that Aaron was hers. Not much of a revelation, but there it is. I have to say it's a surprise to me how much of the story about Oceanic 6's lie being formed we're getting to see in Season 5. I'm not sure it's necessary, but I guess it doesn't hurt.

SUN IS WORKING WITH WIDMORE: The show never came out and said this, but it looks like its the only possible answer. Widmore has given Sun info on where Ben is, and even provided a gun to shoot him with. And some chocolates. Also, photos of Jack and Ben in front of Locke's funeral home. This is weird to me, because if they can sneak up on Ben and take those pictures, then they could surely send a sniper to finish him off. So why does Widmore need Sun's help?

IT WAS BEN'S LAWYER: I think we all saw that one coming. I have to say the Claire's mom misdirect had me going a bit at first, but apparently Claire's mom had no idea what Jack was talking about. I wonder how Jack backed himself out of that one? Oh, you don't know about your secret Grandson? Gotta go, left the iron on.

HURLEY'S GETTING OUT OF JAIL FREE: Ben's lawyer must be pretty good if he can get the charges dropped on Hurley that quickly. Especially since Hurley fled from a mental institution (where Sayid left a dead body) and then was seen holding a gun at the scene of the next two deaths. I thought we were going to see a Lost jailbreak episode, so that was kind of a let down. Seriously, that was some seriously quick and slightly improbable law work. But Ben's dry delivery of the line "He's my lawyer" was classic.

JIN'S ALIVE! We never saw his body, so I guess we all figured this was the case, but it was still a surprise that Rousseau and her crew found him.

ROUSSEAU AND HER CREW! And, as I mentioned before, she's got Montand with her. And also Robert, her boyfriend (He's the one that gave her the music box Sayid saw of hers back in Season One). So based on what we know of Rousseau's story, we can expect that the rest of the crew will contract a "sickness", and for some reason that makes her have to kill them all, including Robert. Doesn't seem like that could be the same as the nosebleeds to me, since you don't usually shoot someone when their nose bleeds. But who knows. We also know the crew's going to go into the "Dark Territory" at some point so Montand can lose his arm. Read up on Rousseau's confusing past here. For the record, Rousseau landed on the island in 1988, so that's what year it is for the Losties on the island at the end of the episode.

THE NOSEBLEEDS: Well, now we know that the more time you've spent on the island, the sooner you get the nosebleeds. Miles getting a nosebleed right after Charlotte almost confirms that he is the son of DHARMA's Marvin Candle.


WHO'S TRYING TO CAPTURE SAYID? Obviously they weren't trying to kill him, as they kept using tranquilizers. Was it Ben, again, trying to move things along? Doesn't look like it but maybe he knew Sayid wouldn't help him otherwise. That could somehow possibly explain why it was so easy for "Charges to be dropped" for Hurley if all the dudes they killed were working for Ben anyway. Can murder charges really be "dropped"? Sorry, still hung up on that point. But either way I think it's more likely that these dart guys are working for Widmore.

WHY DID THE KILLER HAVE KATE'S ADDRESS? I'm guessing because he was supposed to capture her next. Or, if it was Ben that hired them, then it was just to get Jack to call Kate. Which is pretty sneaky.

CAN THE LOSTIES TALK TO THEIR PAST SELVES? We still don't know. Mostly because Sawyer didn't try.

AJIRIA AIRLINES? OUTRIGGER CANOES? HUH? So, after one flash the Losties make it to the beach and the Zodiac raft is gone, and the camp is trashed. This means they're most likely in the future, sometime after 2005, because before they started jumping around in time the camp was still in order and well stocked. It's great to know we can now jump FORWARD in island time. Anyway, they find two outrigger canoes and one has a bottle of Ajiria Airlines water in it. I was surprised to learn that Ajiria Airlines has its own pretend site here. Interesting facts about the Ajiria Airlines site: If you watch the video on the site, there's one frame of an image hidden in there featuring a chauffeur at an airport holding a sign that reads "John 316" except that the word "John" is written in Devanagari. That is certainly mysterious. John 3:16 is one of the most famous verses of the Bible: For God so Loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Also Ajiria is Hindi for "island". There's actually a TON more weird things about this site, including Origami with hidden messages and some possible hidden pics of future cast members. If you don't have time to play around on the site and uncover it's secrets (some of which are apparently next to impossible to find) you can do what I did and read about the site here: So, what does this all mean? I have no idea. Who was shooting at the Losties? Here's a pic of the 'other Others' or whoever it was (click to embiggen):

Since they were too far away to see, some folks are guessing it's someone we know, like The Oceanic Six come back to the island to rescue Sawyer and the others. But if that's the case why would they be shooting at them? Mysterious. I will say that if you click on the above pic the one guy on the right looks a little like Sawyer from a distance. But if that's the case I'm even more confused.

WHY WAS THIS EPISODE CALLED 'THE LITTLE PRINCE'? The Little Prince is a great book by a french guy with a long name. It involves a young prince who lives alone on a tiny asteroid. The asteroid is named Besixdouze. Besixdouze is also the name of Rousseau's crew's ship, according to the equipment washed up on shore that Locke found. I have no idea what this means, but it's interesting.

FRENCH TRANSLATION, PLEASE: I was curious what the heck Rousseau's crew was saying in French when they discovered Jin. Here's a complete translation.

BEN'S VAN: The van that Ben and Sayid drive to go meet up with Ben's lawyer says "Canton Rainier" on the side of it. That's apparently an anagram for "Reincarnation". Huh? At this point I feel like the writers are just messing with us.

WAIT, ROUSSEAU MET JIN? Wouldn't she have then recognized him later in life? I'm guessing no, based on the rule established with Desmond and Daniel two episodes ago. Apparently, you don't get a new memory UNTIL the moment the time disruption happens. Which makes no sense at all, but almost. It's enough to make your nose bleed.


MILD SPOILERS BASED ON TITLE AND 10 SECOND PROMO FROM LAST WEEK: So the next episode is entitled: "This Place is Death" which is a quote from Rousseau herself when she led the Losties into the Dark Territory back at then end of Season One. I'm excited about it because I've always wondered about the Dark Territory and its history ever since they first came up in the Season One finale. I predict we'll see the smoke monster and get a glimpse of the "sickness" that Rousseau's team contracts. Also in the promo, we learned that Sun is going to pull the gun on Ben, and Ben is going to say "Jin is still alive. I can prove it." Will we see more of Desmond and Ms. Hawking?

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