Sunday, March 1, 2009

Episode Suggestion & More Whisper Thoughts

OK, obviously I'm too into this show because I can't stop posting about it. BUT...

If I were a writer for Lost, given this whole time-jumping thing I would be tempted to have Sawyer and Juliet travel back in time to when Michael shot Ana Lucia and Libby and try to stop him. Though, as my friend Zach pointed out, that may take us in a Quantum Leap direction that we might not want to go as a series.

We still don't know what happens if they see themselves while traveling in time through the island's past. For now, I maintain that they will try to talk to themselves, but their past selves will only hear the whispers. That would explain some of the phrases heard during the whispers, like:

Female Voice- "Maybe we should just talk to him"
Male Voice- "No if he see us it will ruin everything"
Male Voice- "What did he see"
Female Voice- "They could help us"

Read all of the Whisper transcripts here if you want to be a super nerd.

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